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Anger and mobilization grow in Peru

Wednesday 13 December 2023, by Sumate

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Anger and indignation are growing, not only because of the rottenness of national prosecutor Benavides and the Congress with its corrupt compromises that have exacerbated the political crisis, but also because of the anti-democratic pardon of the Constitutional Court in favour of the murderer and thief Alberto Fujimori, in this framework, mobilizations and struggle also grow and the streets are lit up in the coastal provinces, mountains and jungle.

The indignation is combined with the serious economic crisis that thousands of Peruvians are suffering as a result of the neoliberal economic model defended by the right, the CONFIEP endorsed by the Fujimori Constitution, which only created poverty, pollution and hunger.

From within Nuevo Perú por el Buen Vivir [New Peru for Good Living] at the national level we were part of the convening of this great day of national struggle on 7 December and the militants, together with their leaders at the head, and comrade Veronika Mendoza were together with our mobilized people, in Lima the participation was massive, if we are not mistaken, more than ten thousand people, but the most important thing is that there were actions in many provinces of Peru

Our organization SÚMATE, internal current of the Nuevo Perú por el Buen Vivir, present in several regions of the country, salutes the effort and combativeness of the militancy, the workers and the people, present in the mobilizations to defeat those responsible for the crisis that the country is suffering.


The question that many are asking is: will Boluarte fall, will Congress be closed?

The conditions for a triumph have been in place, a lot of anger, the people are fighting, they are mobilizing, there is a consensus that they should all go, but there is still a need for greater unity and organization. But unfortunately there are ultra-sectarian vanguard sectors that believe that they are the enlightened ones who alone will defeat tanks, the Armed Forces, the PNP but the only thing they do is divide the struggle, just what the right wants, these sectarian politics end up playing into the hands of the government, the Congress and the mafia, and in this same sector there are those who raise Castillo’s restoration, an even more distant illusion.

And on the other hand, there are all the social organizations, trade unions, left-wing forces, citizens, who are grouped together in the CNUL, which proposes greater unity at the national level.

To make the slogan “throw them all out” a reality, it is necessary to group together in each province of Peru, the social organizations that exist, without losing their independence, must join the CNUL with their criticisms and contradictions that surely exist, but the priority is to defeat this ultra-conservative coalition headed by the mafia of Fujimorismo, to make a united call to the citizens, organized neighbourhoods, women and their movements, youth, students, rural and urban workers. United as a single fist, organized we can achieve a victory, and fight all kinds of infantile sectarianism, it is not the time to play the “revolutionary” it is the time to unite and remove this mafia from power.

There is also a need for a plan of struggle with initiatives to create the conditions for a national strike, which is worked on in each structure with assemblies to ensure that it is an effective strike.

Let’s not wait for a saviour to come along to provide solutions, let’s be the ones who decide the future of Peru by promoting a Constituent Assembly to bury the Fujimori constitution that surrenders and corrupts.

8 December 2023

Translated by International Viewpoint from Sumate.


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