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Tsunami Catastrophe

Solidarity with the NSSP

More than 20,000 euros for solidarity with the NSSP

Thursday 28 April 2005, by Penelope Duggan

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Fourth International supporters and organisations all over the world responded rapidly and generously to the appeal by our comrades of the Nava Sama Socialist Party (new Socialist Party) for funds to organise aid for their members and sympathisers badly hit by the tsunami.

Appeals were launched through their press and websites and money started to arrive rapidly where it was sorely needed.
Solidaritet utan Gränser (Solidarity without borders, an NGO linked to the Socialist Party, Swedish section of the Fourth International) collected 50 000 Swedish crowns (5 500 €) and was able to benefit from the decision of Swedish banks to abolish bank charges on transfers to South East Asia.

Espacio Alternativo in the Spanish state and particularly Revolta global (in Catalonia) sent 6000 euros (some of this money was raised by a group of the Catalan left in the village of Badia in the suburbs of Barcelona, the Assemblea d’Esquerres de Badia, which sent some of the money it collected to the NSSP).

The LCR (Revolutionary Communist League, French section of the Fourth International) sent more than 5 000 euros. The Japan Revolutionary Communist League (JRCL) collected over 1500 dollars, 1000 were sent to the NSSP and 500 to Indonesian NGOs.

The SAP in Denmark (section of the FI and a constituent part of the Red Green Alliance) sent 5000 Danish crowns (670 €). Readers of the French-language Inprecor sent 740 € which were forwarded to the NSSP.

The International Socialist Group (British section of the Fourth International) together with the journal Socialist Resistance raised £1500 (2 200 €).

Comrades in Switzerland sent 960 dollars (740 euros).Many other individual readers and supporters sent donations. The comrades of the NSSP have transmitted their warmest thanks to all those who have contributed and where possible havereplied individually.

They renew their appeal in order in order to continue their solidarity work and notably the project of building low-cost well-built houses.

Donations can still be sent to:
Corporation Co-op & Mercantile Union,
Account No 0600163663,
Bank of Ceylon, 5th City branch,York street, Colombo 1, Sri Lanka
International Bank Code: BCEYLKLX.
Contact: <ccmu@sltnet.lk>.