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LCR fund drive success!

Wednesday 19 January 2005, by Penelope Duggan

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Following the bad election results in the regional elections in March 2004 and the European elections in June, the LCR (Revolutionary Communist League,French section of the Fourth International) launched a fund drive for 350,000 euros.

The disappointing results meant not only that the LCR would lose its MEPs but also would not be eligible for reimbursement of campaign costs by the French state.

In 1999 a joint LO-LCR list had got five MEPs elected - including Arlette Laguiller among the 3 LO representatives and Alain Krivine and Roselyne Vacchetta for the LCR - on a
national list. This time the lists were regional, making it much more difficult to get the 5 per cent necessary.
However members, sympathisers and friends responded to the LCR’s appeal -over half the sum was raised before the summer break.

Finally it was announced that the target was more than met -109% announced Rouge on 13th January. But comrades didn’t stop there. On the 14th January a fund-raising social organised by the local branches in eastern Paris attended by at least 270 people raised 1300 euros.