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Spanish State

Our right to decide!

Monday 3 February 2014, by Penelope Duggan

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On Saturday 1 February a major demonstration took place in Madrid in protest against the government’s proposal to limit severely access to abortion.

At the same time, in solidarity with the women and men demonstrating in the Spanish state, but also asserting the right to choose on their own countries, demonstrations took place in Paris and other cities around France as well as in a number of cities in Italy, in Amsterdam, London and elsewhere.

The rejection in December of the Estrela report in the European parliament which would have brought the right to access fo contraception and abortion into the scope of the EU’s powers has provoked a new rise in consciousness as to how fragile the dearly-won right to women’s control over their reproduction choices is. The solidarity with Spanish women could herald the start of a new vitality for the women’s movement in Europe.