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The best memorial to Greg is to continue the fight for socialism

Saturday 19 April 2008, by Penelope Duggan

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It was with very great sadness that we heard of the death of our comrade Greg Tucker. We knew of course that he was ill and the outlook was not good but that does not attenuate the shock and sadness of the loss.

Dear Comrades,

We saw and admired the courage with which he struggled to remain active despite the effects of his illness right to the very end, meeting him at the ISG conference just a week earlier.

We know that Greg was a central and important member of the leadership of the British section bringing a contribution and experience that will not easily be replaced, but his comrades and colleagues in Britain know that far better than we do.

But Greg was also important for us in the International where he brought his experience to the discussions of the international leadership. As a leading trade-unionist among railworkers he made every effort to build links with railworkers elsewhere in Europe, notably in France which he visited several times. The railworkers of the LCR are particularly saddened to hear of his death.

He was also a key and irreplaceable member of the team producing International Viewpoint, the Fourth International’s English-language magazine. The move to producing it as an online magazine only would have been impossible without Greg who, despite his many other commitments, conceived and built the site and right up to his death continued to be the central webmaster. One of his primary concerns at that last meeting was that we should find somebody able to take over that role.

To those of us who knew him personally he was also a good friend, who will be sorely missed both politically and personally.

We extend our sympathy and solidarity to all Greg’s comrades, colleagues and friends, with a particular thought for Joan and Tim.

We are sure that all will agree that the best memorial to Greg is to continue the fight for socialism on all terrains and in all its aspect, as he himself did so unremittingly.

Long live the Fourth International!

Penny Duggan, on behalf of the Bureau of the Fourth International

Many tributes to Greg Tucker are on the ISG’s website.