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The war for Erdogan’s survival means poverty and death for us!

Tuesday 15 October 2019, by Sosyalist Demokrasi icin Yeniyol

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Once again, Erdogan has decided to play the war card.

The Palace Regime, for whom there is no alternative except to take up arms against any sign of weakening or any defeat in order to consolidate itself, once again chooses to drag the country and all the peoples of the region into disaster

It failed to react when ISIS was encamped on Turkey’s borders and jihadist gangs were entering city centers, taking lives with their bombs in our squares; their ruling mentality opened the door to all this. It cannot bear even the smallest achievement of the Kurdish people who defended the most basic human values with their lives against those murderers. It does not hesitate to declare mobilization to eliminate an imaginary threat under the circumstances of current economic crisis, poverty and unemployment, and to send the children of thousands of laborers to the front where they will walk into death.

The Syrian adventure of the Palace, which reinforces hostility against the Kurds, claiming that they are providing security at the borders of the country, and seeks support from the public with unbelievable arguments including that they will resettle refugees in the “evacuated” regions, can only and exclusively bring disaster to the peoples of the region.

While it seems to be understood that no one can expect any good from the deranged one sitting in the White House, it is also clear that the attitudes of other actors in the region, especially the Kremlin and Damascus, will not be towards the establishment of peace. The Syrian army’s recent intervention will also most likely have detrimental effects on Rojava’s experience of autonomy and its democratic advancement. As for the European Union, it is itself struck by the cynicism and irresponsibility it has shown to migrants through its despicable agreement with Turkey, which Erdogan threatens to abolish now.

On the other hand, while it is evident that what happened is not related to “the survival of the state” but to the survival of Erdogan and his associates, those who used to be referred as a threat to that very state are today supporting the calls for war. This shows that the opposition, which was assumed to be inclusive and long lasting, is eminently fragile and far from having common values. The regime has once again managed to line up the opposition behind itself with its contemptible war card.

While the foundations of the Palace are eroding, the duty to dissolve the militarist-chauvinist climate and raise the struggle for peace and bread is again on the shoulders of socialists, labor and democracy forces. The first step is to shout our slogan with all our strength, confidence and faith:

No to war!

Peace now!

Sosyalist Demokrasi için Yeniyol/ New Course for Socialist Democracy

Fourth International section in Turkey

15 October 2019


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