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Revolutionary solidarity in the face of DAESH murders

We condemn jihadist barbarism and the warlike policy of the AKP!

Wednesday 22 July 2015, by Sosyalist Demokrasi icin Yeniyol

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More than thirty young revolutionaries have lost their lives as a result of a terrorist attack by the jihadist organization DAESH in the town of Suruc, on the border with Syria. We express our condolences to the families, friends and comrades of the victims.

This Monday, July 20, 2015 a group of three hundred young people were moving across the border to participate in the reconstruction of the Kurdish town of Kobane, destroyed during the heroic resistance of the local population, the PYD and the militias of the YPG-YPJ, as well as volunteer combatants from many places.

In the framework of the campaign of support organized by the Federation of Associations of Young Socialists, with packages of toys, sanitary products, pots of paint, books and films, these young people, for the most part students, hoped to contribute to the reconstruction of buildings, to building parks and nurseries for the children, to setting up a library.

It is this feeling of unshakeable internationalist solidarity with the Kurds of Kobane which was the target for DAESH, and not “Turkey”, as claimed by Prime Minister Davutoglu. The jihadist organization is trying to export its war against the PYD, against which it was losing ground in Syria, to Turkish territory with this dastardly attack, as with the explosions at the meeting in the Democratic Party of the Peoples (HDP) in Diyarbak?r.

But how can we not see here the consequences of the foreign policy of the AKP, resolved to bring down the regime in Damascus at any price, by offering temporary support to various jihadist groups in order to extend its hegemony in the Middle East? Let us remember the trucks packed with weapons and missiles prepared to go to Syria under the control of intelligence services, the hospitals available to wounded DAESH militants. Let us remember the barely concealed mirth of Erdogan when he stated that “Kobane is on the verge of falling”. Was it not Davutoglu who proclaimed, when he was still Minister of Foreign Affairs, that DAESH could be seen as a radical structure but that it was “previous discontent and indignation” which had caused this “reaction”? A month ago the press of the AKP announced on its front page, referencing military sources, that “the PYD is more dangerous than DAESH”. And finally how can we forget the photograph showing the confident smile of this terrorist jihadist during his arrest by the Turkish police?

Faced with jihadist barbarism and its collaborators, we oppose the smiles full of audacity and hope which these young revolutionaries, dead on the road to Kobane, have bequeathed us. It is in continuing their struggle that we will embody the spirit of solidarity which drove them.

 For the right to self-determination of Kurdish people!
 Long live internationalist solidarity!
 DAESH Assassin, AKP Collaborator!