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Statement on the Attacks of AKP against Kurdish Movement

Saturday 20 August 2016, by Sosyalist Demokrasi icin Yeniyol

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The national mobilization that was started after the 15th July coup attempt has become a very powerful weapon in the hands of AKP with the support and legitimacy provided by the opposition. Today, in the climate we are forced to live in, even questioning AKP’s political operations and decisions is a sufficient reason for being accused of treason.

The AKP, which by the way took advantage of holding the power and discharged the ex-owners of the regime along with "the congregation" and gained the power it has today by means of these discharge operations, resort to every sort of show in order to make this history disappear, from turning Gulen’s old house into public toilet to opening traitors’ cemetery; it tries meticulously to preserve the legitimacy of its weapon of revenge.

The AKP, which justifies itself in such a way and also strengthened its hand legally with the state of emergency it declared, targeted Kurdish movement as the first opportunity after the congregation. Many politicians were detained in Kurdish cities with the operations; the debate on assigning trustees to the municipalities has re-started; social media accounts of many individuals and organizations from the movements were censored and two days ago in the afternoon hours Özgür Gündem newspaper was shut down, its office was raided and its staff was are taken into custody.

The war that has been going on for a year, the efforts to leave HDP out of the national assembly, the fact that there’s no news from Hur?it Külter for the last 84 days and lastly what happened in Özgür Gündem prove that AKP takes up the "90s concept" eagerly and and even desires to bring a new phase which goes beyond that into existence.

Özgür Gündem, of which 21 employees were murdered, editors and columnists were given 197 years of imprisonment in total, offices were bombed, shut down several times, hundreds of issues were confiscated since 1992, has survived through all the oppression by resisting.

This attempt of censoring and silencing will be facing with defeat, too. The truth and those who pursue it will survive the future.