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Greece/Fourth International

Solidarity with the fightback of the Greek workers and youth!

Monday 26 January 2015, by Fourth International Bureau

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The electoral victory of Syriza expresses the rejection by the Greek people of the austerity policies imposed by the troika and implemented by successive Greek governments whether of right or so-called left since 2008.

The immense popular joy expressed in the streets of Athens and throughout the country show that those who have suffered the effects of these policies — through the drop in their wages and pensions, the cuts in public services, and unemployment notably — feel they have won a victory with this result.

Now the challenge is to ensure that this first step leads to real results in improving the living standards of the Greek popular classes who have been so terribly impoverished. This means an immediate moratorium on payment of the debt. For this the mobilisation of the whole of the Greek radical left, including those who voted for Antarsya and the KKE, in a united battle to ensure that the European Union and other representatives of international capital cannot impose their wishes against those of the Greek people is necessary.

Throughout Europe and world wide we must mobilise to support the fights of the Greek people and demand that the the European Central Bank and the governements cancel the Greek debt!

Secretariat of the Bureau of the Fourth International


26 January 2015