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We condemn the assault on the Mexican Embassy in Ecuador

Declaration of organizations linked to the Fourth International in Latin America.

Thursday 11 April 2024, by Collective

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The violent police occupation of the Mexican Embassy in Ecuador on Friday 5th April, attacks two basic principles of diplomacy and civilized coexistence between nations: the principle of the inviolability of diplomatic headquarters and the right to asylum for any person persecuted for their way of thinking.

The ultra-right-wing and neoliberal president of Ecuador, Daniel Noboa Azín, presented two pretexts for his unacceptable action: that he acted to execute an arrest warrant against former vice-president Jorge David Glas Espinel for alleged embezzlement and because the Mexican president accused him of being a “conservative fascist”. The two alleged reasons do not stand up to the slightest analysis. The absurdity is so serious that it has already been openly condemned by all the countries of the continent and even by broad sectors of the Ecuadorian people and their political and social representatives.

Daniel Noboa’s attack on the Mexican embassy has two purposes. The first is to create the image of a “strong man”, inspired by El Salvador’s Bukele, in the face of a plebiscite in which he intends to impose hourly pay. The second is to punish his opponent, Jorge Glas, for being part of Correism, which still retains an important electoral presence. Daniel Noboa’s visceral hatred of Rafael Correa and the social movements flouts all legal, local and international order. Noboa is part of an ultra-right-wing oligarchy subject to the dictates of Washington.

The Fourth International condemns the aggression against the Mexican diplomatic headquarters in Ecuador, demands the release of former vice-president Jorge Glas and that he be granted safe conduct to be able to emigrate to Mexico.

It also calls for the strengthening of solidarity between the peoples of both countries and their struggle against their respective oppressor classes.

Down with the right-wing government of Noboa!

For the unity of the peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean!

For an anti-colonialist, anti-patriarchal and democratic Latin America!

9 April 2024

Movimiento Socialista del Poder Popular, Mexico
Red Feminista Ecosocialista, Ecuador
Poder Popular, Argentina
Marabunta, Argentina
Democracia Socialista, Puerto Rico
Movimiento Esquerda Socialista – PSOL, Brazil
Resistencia – PSOL, Brazil
Rebelião Ecossocialista – PSOL, Brasil
Tendencia-Movimiento Centelhas – PSOL, Brasil
Insurgencia – PSOL, Brazil
Subverta – PSOL, Brazil
Corriente SÚMATE, Peru
Las Indómitas Organización de Izquierda Anticapitalista, Mexico


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