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A rejection of the liberal policies at the local and national level

71 LCR candidates elected

Tuesday 11 March 2008, by Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire

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Of 200 lists presented or supported by the LCR, 109 of them got more than 5% of the vote and 29 more than 10%.

Among other examples:

* 17,59% in Aureilhan (Department 65),

* 15% in Quimperlé (29),

* Sotteville-Les-Rouen (76) it is 14,8%,

* 13,8% in Clermont-Ferrand (63),

* 10,4% in Louviers (27),

* 10,38% in Lormont (33).

71 candidates were elected. Discussions are in hand, in several cities, for a technical fusion, without commitment for joint lists with the PS or PCF, in order to respect the democratic choice of the voters in the first round. Thus, to the left’s push is added a breakthrough of the lists supported by the LCR . They translate into a rejection of the liberal policies at the local and national level.

Bad housing, the privatization of public services, the scandal of the cost of water when management deals with privateers, the wage dscipline, the dismissals which fall into all the areas feed a mood of social resistance and policy which was translated on the electoral level into a vote for the lists supported by the LCR.

The rejection of the liberal policy by the population is such as it has constrained Sarkozy in the election campaign, which saw the lists of the parliamentary majority getting rid of the UMP initials, the best example being the town of Bordeaux.

These results are an encouragement for the social fights which will continue to develop. Thus, concerning the defense of the system of retirement, after the success of the demonstrations of March 6 organized by the confederal unions of pensioners, the demonstrations of March 29 will be an important appointment for those opposed to the lengthening duration of contributions.

March 10, 2008.