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Besancenot successfully onto the presidential ballot

Press statement from the LCR

Saturday 17 March 2007, by Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire

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Olivier Besancenot will be a candidate in the first round of the presidential elections on Sunday 22nd April. The LCR has received the necessary 530 mayoral signatures. The LCR is very proud to have overcome all the obstacles.

Olivier Besancenot warmly thanks the mayors who have made the democratic gesture necessary for him to be the LCR candidate. He will thus be able to put forward the emergency social measures needed to change the situation of millions of wage-earners, and of all those who suffer from the unequal fivision of wealth.

He thanks very warmly all the comrades who during the last few months have travelled thousands of kilometres and met more than 17,000 mayors in order to gather these 530 signatures. Olivier Besancenot will deposit the last set of signatures at the Constitutional Council at 4.30pm on Friday 16th March.

The Besancenot campaign can be followed at the website: http://besancenot2007.org/