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Gaza - Stop inter-Palestinian fighting

Saturday 16 June 2007, by Ligue Communiste Révolutionnaire

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The confrontations between Palestinians in Gaza are the direct consequence of the Israeli occupation and the transformation of the Gaza Strip into a ghetto. Locked up, hungry, without work and freedom of travel and without vital resources, the population is constantly harassed and threatened by murderous Israeli incursions and bombardment.

The LCR condemns the fratricidal confrontations between the Palestinian armed forces. The Western governments created the conditions for this catastrophe: boycott of the Palestinian governments as a result of the Hamas victory in the 2006 elections and a murderous embargo aimed at the population under the pretext that Hamas is in a majority.

The announcement of new elections will not change anything with the current situation of chaos. The LCR calls for ending of fatricidal combat. The LCR rejects the proposal to send an international military force into Gaza. It would only be used to crush the Palestinian resistance.

The only way out of the crisis is the re-establishment of the basic rights of the Palestinians, the immediate release of all the prisoners, freedom to travel and work, and the ending of the bombardments and the assassinations perpetrated continuously by the Israeli army.

A viable perspective for the Palestinian people means by the total withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces and the evacuation of all the Israeli settlements on Palestinian land. The LCR demands that the European Union, and in particular of France, intervenes to stop the Israeli aggression, and begins again an honest co-operation with the Palestinian government. By acting this way France and the EU could show a real willingness to unblock the present tragic situation in Gaza and the West Bank. - 15 June 2007

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