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Philippines solidarity

Emergency Situation: Mindanao (Philippines) hit by a series of earthquakes, after-shocks and flooding – A call for solidarity

Wednesday 6 November 2019, by Pierre Rousset

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Since 16 October 2019, in Mindanao (to the south of the Philippine archipelago) a succession of earthquakes have hit the provinces of North Cotabato, Sarangani as well as Davao, provoking damages and floods. We are in the process of preparing a thorough assessment of the situation.

The main earthquakes occurred on 16 October (magnitude 6.3), 29 October (magnitude 6.6) and 31 October (magnitude 6.5).

These earthquakes were not anticipated and no warning was announced. For two years now, the attention of the government has focused on the 7.2 magnitude earthquake which could occur in Manila – known as the BIG ONE – but no one imagined that it would first happen in Mindanao. Now, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCs) warns that the people must be ready all the time as disasters like these can possibly happen again even until December.

No exact data of the damages, casualties, missing persons and displaced populations have yet been published. Assessment is still ongoing. International organizations and OCHA (United Nations) have been receiving masses of information. Persons have been reported dead, injured and/or missing; some hotels, government buildings and infrastructure fell to the ground. People on highways are begging for help and food from passers-by, as the rains continue and become more frequent and heavy.

MIHANDs is also mobilizing its volunteer members in conducting a ground assessment and is preparing to extend emergency assistance to the affected families.

MIHANDs is a network of some 50 associations mobilizing together their members and combining their know-how to respond to the situation of humanitarian disasters. For many years now, ESSF have been supporting each step of their groundwork (emergency intervention, rehabilitation, reconstruction…).

So far, none of MIHANDs members are reported hurt, but their hometowns, villages, and family properties have been affected by the earthquakes and the many aftershocks (more than 300 already). Some parts of the walls of their Cotabato City office cracked. A wide area has been affected by the successive earthquakes and it is taking some time to gather and plan out actions. The need to support has already started in certain areas where MIHANDs members live.

MIHANDs will soon publish a consolidated picture of the situation and the needs, based on its teams’ groundwork.

What we already know for sure is that financial solidarity is needed. ESSF is already calling for donations.

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