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The floods in Mindanao

Tuesday 20 December 2011, by Pierre Rousset

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The typhoon floods in Mindanao, in the south of the Philippines, have been very serious and one of the most affected place is Iligan, where our comrades of the RMP-M (Revolutionary Workers’ Party – Mindanao) are very active.

There have been hundreds of deaths and disappearances. The houses of at least two of our cadres and their families have been totally destroyed, as far we know, and a number of others are affected, but among our comrades, there are no deaths or missing persons. But the toll on the population very high.

We have been told: “Comrades in Iligan are now busy responding to the emergency needs of populations affected by the present typhoon especially as there are communities pr we have peoples’ mass organisations. Fortunately not one of the children and members of the family [of those of us whose houses were destroyed] died or is missing which is still the status of the other families affected.

“Right now, they are temporarily housed in houses of other comrades and relatives. We are pooling resources both emergency relief and eventually for the reconstruction of houses.”

If you wish to send funds to Iligan, you can use the ESSF channel
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