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Solidarity with Syria

Against Daesh and Al-Assad: Urgent call for international solidarity with the Syrian and Kurdish populations

Thursday 23 April 2015, by LCR-SAP secretariat

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The situation in Syria remains dramatic. The dictatorial regime is continuing to massacre its people unashamedly, the Jihadist terrorist groups continue to sow death where they pass. As for the civilian populations, both Syrian and Kurdish, they are trapped between these groupings of armed fighters, they are condemned to pay a heavy tribute for having claimed freedom and social justice. International solidarity is slow in appearing.

The result of the last attack by the Islamic State (DAESH) death squads on 30 and 31 March against the village of Maboujah, in the eastern suburbs of Salamieh in Hama, was about fifty deaths including women and children and dozens of casualties.

The terrorist groups attacked the small village from several places and targeted the ordinary citizens. They executed several people on the spot, some of whom were beaten or burnt to death, before plundering dozens of dwellings, and setting fire to several others. They then carried off several women with them.

The populations of the rebellious cities and villages are still living under the threat of the incursions of the terrorist groups or the regime‘s indiscriminate bombardments on residential districts. These days they fear that the scenario of Maboujah will be reproduced in Salamieh. Already during the last month of March the terrorist groups attacked the locality of al-Qanafez in the suburbs is of Salamieh; this attack resulted in several dead and wounded.

After four years of the Syrian revolution, 215,518 deaths are recorded of which one third are civilians, including more than 10,000 children. There are more than 3 million refugees and almost a third of the total population (that is to say more than 6.5 million people) has been deplaced in its own country. The Syrian refugees are surviving under very precarious conditions and in conditions of great need. Those who succeed in reaching the continent of Europe are confronted with enormous obstacles to obtaining asylum and protection when they are not forced to return, and their situation in neighbouring countries (Lebanon, Egypt…) is no better.

The international powers and their allies in the area scandalously are engaged alongside the dictatorial regime of Al Assad, or in the best of the cases are seeking a “political solution” of which Assad and his regime would be part, at the same time their weapons are arriving easily between the hands of the various terrorist groups which they intend to fight! These last weeks, as everybody knows, the imperialist powers and their allies in the areas are more concerned about the situation in Yemen and “rise to power” of the houthis than about the expansion of DAESH which is taking under its control whole areas of the Syrian and Iraqi territories , reducing thousands of people to slavery, especially of women, and threatens to cut the throat of other populations.

Following the terrible massacre in the village of Maboujah, revolutionary militants and activists of the suburbs and the town of Salamieh who fear for their security and that of their families launched an appeal to all the progressive forces that they should affirm their solidarity and their support for the Syrian people and their just aspirations
More than ever, the revolutionary and progressive activists and organizations and the people of the whole world must affirm their solidarity with the fight and the resistance of the Syrian popular masses who have stood up for dignity, freedom and social justice. Only international solidarity can help to restart the revolutionary process.

We invite you to build this solidarity in order to consolidate the fight against the dictatorial regime of Al-Assad and his allies in the area and elsewhere, and against the obscurantist Jihadists groups until they are dismantled.

Down with the dictatorial regime!

Down with the terrorist Jihadist groups, enemies of popular emancipation.!

Yes to all forms of assistance for the self-organization and self-defence of the Syrian popular masses!

Yes all forms of assistance and solidarity for the revival of the revolutionary process!

Live international solidarity!


The purpose of “Association Solidarité Syrie” (a registered association in France) is to aid the Current of the Revolutionary Left.
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Call by the national secretariat of the LCR-SAP (Belgian section of the Fourth International) from their site.