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Demanding Punishment for Killers of Abdul Karim

Monday 5 November 2012, by Badrul Alam

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On 11 October 2012 in Joymanirhat, Bhurungamari, Bangladesh Krishok Federation and Bangladesh Kishani Sabha organized a mourn and protest rally demanding immediate punishment to the killers of Abdul Karim who was the President of Bangladesh Krishok Federation Bhurungamari Sub-district Committee and the Central Committee Member of the same. Thousands of people took part in the procession to the street and paraded almost 4 kilometres long distance.

At the rally criticizing the role of police administration the speakers said although the key assailant is identified the police is not that much active to find out and arrest him. The mastermind of the killing should also be brought to book, they added.

They recalled the amazing role of Abdul Karim in order to mobilize the landless peasants for their right to land and to make sure their livelihood. He had visited from door to door to know the well-beings of the landless people who are settled on the British regime abandoned rail way land in 2004. He was not only the leader of the landless and small peasants but also their intimate friend. His dedication will be ever remembered among the people in the locality.

The speakers said it might be wrong if the local influential who are always desperate to do harm the landless settlers and tried to dream the expropriation of the landless people from the abandoned land. Around 3 thousand families living in the occupied land get united and second lines of leaderships are prepared and alert to cope with any of their ill designs around the landless occupation. The speakers also pointed that the land is precious and main source of livelihood of the rural people. The land should not be allowed to be taken away by forces under the cover of any design. The land should be with peasants for their food sovereignty.
The blood of Abdul Karim cannot go in vain. His sacrifice will be of great inspiration for the young generation with a view to understanding peasants’ right to land and its relevancy in the rural economy. “No corporation will be allowed to grab the agricultural land”, added the speakers in the rally.
They added the physical absence of Abdul Karim will not seize the spirit of the landless men and women. They are in the struggle and the path directed by him is with them. So the victory of right to land for food sovereignty is with people as well.