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Abdul Karim – An Obituary Message

Monday 8 October 2012, by Badrul Alam

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Today 6 October 2012 in the morning Abdul Karim, President of Bhurungamari sub-district and Central Committee Member of Bangladesh Krishok Federation was brutally killed by a miscreant named Addur Rahim patronized by the local influentials who have vested interest on the abandoned railway Khasland occupied by the landless men and women in 2004. He was 63 years old. His dedication knew no bounds as regards land occupation movement in the northern part of the country.

He is survived by his wife, two sons and one daughter along with a host of relatives and associates. He came of a very simple family with a very poor background but with his spirit of struggle for the interest of the downtrodden people in society he enjoyed a huge popularity that took him to a peak stage in the northern part of Bangladesh. As a result, the people who lost their illegal interest around the land as well as the people who fell envy due to his vast popularity become desperate to kill him and ravage his works successfully accomplished in favor of the landless peasants, peasant women and destitute in the locality for the last couple of years.

We, leaders of Bangladesh Krishok Federation and Bangladesh Kishani Sabha extremely shocked at the atrocity of killing of Abdul Karim who was our comrade in the tough struggle for a genuine agrarian reform for food sovereignty in Bangladesh Although he is not alive physically his work will be remembered among us for ever and inspired the people in the world who are fighting for the land rights, food sovereignty and their very existence. We expect that the people who are engaged with his sincere work will translate the condolence into power for the benefit of the common people. And may his bereaved family have much strength to carry the sudden blow on them.

We are planning to have a series of programs to be performed around his post burial ceremony. It includes a morn procession, meeting of condolence, protest rally demanding exemplary and capital punishment to the assailants and national level discussion on the current trend of killing of those who are land defenders.