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Marxist school holds successful seminars in Islamabad and Manila

Global Justice School in three cities

Wednesday 20 October 2010, by Duncan Chapel

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The International Institute for Research and Education’s new campus in Pakistan has just run its its course. This year the Global Justice School will be in three cities: Amsterdam, Manila and Islamabad.

The school in Islamabad concluded on October 16. It was attended by around 20 participants from various parts of Punjab and Pakistan-administered Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

Nisar Shah, Director of the IIRE Islamabad, reports: "The participants were the activists of different organizations working for the rights of women, youth, workers, peasants and other underprivileged sections of society. It was the first time for most of the participants to attend such a long-week residential school."

The 21-day 2nd Asian Global Justice School of the IIRE-Manila, last August 1 to 21, 2010, was a big step forward towards the realization of the mission of the institution. In terms of the preparation, attendance, participation, program and discussion, no doubt it can be concluded that the 2nd AGJS was a big improvement from the previous one.

Plans are already underway for the third Global Justice School in Manila. ten organisations will take part in the 2010, according to a report on the IIRE’s website.

Zely Ariane, the national spokesperson for the Political Committee of the Poor-Peoples Democratic Party and a member of the Free Women organization, attended the school. Her report of the school explains that: "The school was an excellent opportunity to put forward different approaches and views but did not attempt to create a uniformity of perspectives. Rather, it was a tool for learning from each other and bringing these lessons into the national context of struggle and challenging them in the national discussions."