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Marxists in Respect discuss unification

Context for the invitation for regroupment

Wednesday 2 July 2008, by Alan Thornett, Duncan Chapel

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Marxists inside Respect Renewal have initiated a discussion on the possibility of revolutionary regroupment. The initiative has been taken by Respect members from different traditions, including former members of the Socialist Workers Party, and members of Socialist Resistance, and independent Marxists inside Respect.

The regroupment process is the result of a year-long realignment inside Respect, which resulted from the decision by the leadership of the Socialist Workers’ Party to split the electoral coalition. Dozens of SWP members who dissented from the split were either expelled or left the SWP as a result.

Since then, closer working relationships between Marxists in Respect led a more organised discussion both on the politics of building Respect and the wider political issues. These discussions showed that the common working perspectives established inside Respect reflected a wider politcal agreement, allowing a discussion to develop about revolutionary regroupment. At the heart of this will be how to help to build Respect into the most effective left alternative to the betrayals of new Labour.

A meeting on June 29th of supporters of this regroupment process agreed to publish an appeal to others who share this perspective to join them in it and help shape the way it develops. The meeting elected a steering committee to plan this process including the many discussions which will be necessary in order to move towards the founding of a new revolutionary organisation possibly by the end of this year.