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Peter Camejo dies - an advocate for the poor and oppressed

Third-party political activist and former Fourth Internationalist

Sunday 14 September 2008, by Duncan Chapel

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Peter Miguel Camejo, a leading figure in the Green party and its vice-presidential candidate in 2004, died at home in California on September 13. He had been a leader of the Fourth International during the 1970s.

Peter Camejo demonstrates for peace and against war in San Francisco, 2006.
Photo: Robert Bruce Livingston

The 2004 Nader-Camejo campaign was covered repeatedly in International Viewpoint, and eventually won 460,000 votes.

Catherine Cartier shared the sad news with us. “It is with great sadness and regret that I have to inform you that Peter Camejo died this morning. Peter decided that he would be more comfortable at home, and the doctors agreed. Arrangements were made, and ultimately Peter returned home yesterday. Peter’s health had declined rapidly over the last two days due to the aggressiveness of his cancer and the strength of the drugs used to combat his disease. His wife was at his side when he passed peacefully this morning.

Peter is survived by his wife Morella, his daughter Alexandra, his son Victor, three brothers Antonio, Daniel, and Danny, and three grandchildren Andrew, Daniel and Oliver.

Arrangements and memorial services will be announced at a later date. As a courtesy, the family requests that there be no calls at this time.”

Numerous obituaries have been published, including by The Sacremento Bee, Louis Proyect, the San Francisco Chronicle and by Indymedia, which described him as "an advocate for the poor and oppressed".