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Problems of the Arab and Middle East regions

Latest update : 29 July 2017.

From time to time problems and discussions concerning the stance of radical left and progressive forces in what are broadly called the Arab region or the Middle East (terms which are of course not synonymous although with substnatial overlap) are posed. We have had two debate sections dealing with these problems, created as they arose. The first was "Solidarity with the Iraqi resistance" in 2005 in which Gilbert Achcar, Alex Callinicos and Sharon Smith debated the issue of whether Marxists in the West should declare "solidarity with the Iraqi resistance". The second in 2011 was “Libya, the resistance and the no-fly zone†discussing the struggle between the popular rebellion and the pro-Gaddafi forces and the nature of the forces engaged; the rebels’ demand for a no-fly zone and UN resolution 1973.

It seems more appropriate today to create one single section where the more polemical coverage of questions posed in Syria, Egypt and other locuses of the ongoing “Arab revolutions†process can find their place while we continue ongoing coverage of what is happening in the magazine section.