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Debate: Libya

Support the Arab peoples in struggle – No to the bombardment of Libya!

Statement by Via Campesina

Wednesday 30 March 2011, by Via Campesina

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From Tunisia and Egypt, to the Yemen and Syria, passing through Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, the people are rising up en masse to bring down authoritarian dictatorial regimes. For more than a month now, hundreds of thousands of Libyans peacefully have been taking to the streets calling for the end of the Gaddafi regime.

Gaddafi was deaf to these calls and opted for the worst case scenario. The responsibility for the deaths and the blood shed in Libya lies on his shoulders. By choosing to bombard villages and massacre civilian populations, the regime itself has provided the opportunity Western Imperialism has been waiting for to try to regain the upper hand in the region.

Today, France, the United States, Canada and Great Britain are engaged in an operation to invade Libya After weeks of watching the Libyan people being massacred and carefully avoiding organizing the international pressure that would have been necessary to escape the deadlock, they now pass themselves off as the saviors.

The first bombardments of Libyan infrastructure in Tripoli and elsewhere have already begun. The Western bombers will continue until they can either prepare an occupation of Libya under the banner of the UN, or, even better, choose and impose the members of the opposition who will be most favorable to Western interests.

This military operation in Libya, also serves as a distraction, as the repression continues in the Yemen, Bahrain and beyond.

Via Campesina calls for the will of the people to be respected.

Via Campesina calls for an immediate halt to Western military intervention.

Via Campesina calls on everyone to mobilize for a peaceful solution to the crisis in Libya.