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The struggle for national liberation is linked to the struggle for social liberation

Wednesday 18 October 2023, by A Manca

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Macron came to Corsica at the end of September with the word autonomy on his lips. When he went into the broad outlines of his project, the balloon deflated.

To sum up, recognition of the Corsican people is a no. The co-official status of Corsican and French is a no-no. Extending the powers of the Corsican Assembly, including the possibility of legislating in a number of areas, is a no-no. And the residency status designed to curb property speculation is still a no-no.

The LR-affiliated right-wing in the Assembly was fully reassured. At the other end of the spectrum, the pro-independence members of the Core in Fronte movement understandably found Macron’s comments to be little more than flat regionalism, with no desire to find a political solution worthy of the name.

The relationship between the dominant and the dominated

But the social, economic, democratic and cultural situation in our country requires more than vague speeches based solely on rhetoric.

With a rate of precariousness that puts Corsica at the top of the list of regions where the number of people at or below the poverty line is constantly rising. With food prices 16% higher than in France. With property speculation depriving thousands of workers of housing. With a language that survives thanks solely to the determination of teachers and community activists. For all these reasons, in addition to the democratic denial of the fundamental rights of the Corsican people, Macron’s visit is part of a relationship between the dominant and the dominated that French imperialism has no intention of abandoning.

The consequences of the ultra-liberal approach, which focuses mainly on the tourism industry as a "mode of development", are the massive disappearance of arable land, exorbitant prices in the rental market with the takeover of networks such as Airbnb, and the total privatisation of maritime transport. In this particular sector, consortiums are dictating their law and speculating blithely in the agri-food sector.

The right to self-determination

Faced with this economic and social tsunami, there is absolutely no point in hoping that moderate or otherwise nationalists will manage to convince themselves of the need to break with the economic model that still dominates. Their line boils down to denouncing the galloping precariousness without producing any real solutions.

As far as we’re concerned, there’s nothing new under the sun. We will continue relentlessly to demand the effective realisation of the right to self-determination based on the principle of a community of destiny open to all, whatever their origins.

On the economic and social front, we are calling for the introduction of a sliding wage scale, massive taxation of second homes and the creation of public maritime, land and air transport companies. For decades, we have been advocating the introduction of an economic and social emergency plan that also takes into account the issue of agriculture. Corsica currently imports 93% of its basic necessities.

A Manca continues to link the struggle for national liberation to the struggle for social liberation, with the clear prospect of a break with capitalism and with the imperialist domination of which Macron and his henchmen remain the representatives. Until these thresholds are crossed, the situation in our country will remain one of alienation and trusteeship.

16 October 2023


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