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Solidarity with our comrade Jawad Mustaqbal

Statement by CADTM

Monday 26 June 2023, by Attac-CADTM Morocco

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Jawad Mustaqbal’s phone has been hacked, and he received threatening calls from unknown individuals who intend to tarnish his reputation, threaten his family, and attempt to extort him financially. They have also published a video showing him alone and naked.

This vile attack is a failed attempt to undermine the credibility of our comrade Jawad and the association Attac Morocco, of which he is a member of the current national secretariat.

Jawad has been actively involved in various forms of solidarity with political prisoners in our country, including Omar Radi, a member of Attac Morocco, who himself faced an attempt to smear him and fabricate dirty charges to justify his political detention and the six-year prison sentence handed to him.

Jawad has been engaged in the struggle against oppression and imperialism since a young age. He was part of the first generation to join and fight within Attac Morocco for over 20 years. He has made numerous contributions to popular education and the analysis of the subjugating nature of imperialist centers’ economy and political system, which crushes the oppressed and defenders of justice. He has also proposed bold alternatives for a Morocco of dignity and freedom. He participated in the February 20th Movement and all major popular movements in Morocco, defending their emancipatory content and their grassroots organizing forms.

We can understand the exact aim of this despicable attack, which targets his reputation precisely at a time when we see Jawad actively involved in the preparations for organizing the Counter-Summit of social movements against the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in Marrakech in October. In addition to his role in Attac Morocco to establish a national coordination that serves as a popular base for the Counter-Summit in Morocco, he is mobilizing numerous working groups at the international, regional, and continental levels through his membership in the Joint International Secretariat of the Committee for the Abolition of Illegitimate Debt (CADTM). He does all this to make the Counter-Summit a genuine international event.

This base attack suffered by Jawad reflects the fear of the dynamism and mobilization that he is engaged in. The perpetrators aim to halt this activity so that the oppressors can celebrate their own wedding in Marrakech, which has become a banquet hall for the world’s wealthy, hosting the foremost creators of poverty and injustice in the world, as Jawad wrote about it. A webinar organized by activist associations from North Africa and the Middle East as part of the preparations for the Counter-Summit faced similar despicable attacks but was successfully thwarted.

Such dirty attacks and despicable methods targeting activists and fighters to undermine their reputation are characteristic of oppressive regimes afraid of any mobilization that reveals their tyranny. What our comrade Jawad Mustaqbal has been subjected to is an attack against Attac Morocco, a member of the International Network of the Committee for the Abolition of Illegitimate Debt (CADTM). The state continues its harassment of our association and deprives us of the renewal of our registration.

We, at Attac Morocco, strongly condemn the despicable attack targeting our comrade Jawad Mustaqbal to undermine his struggle and credibility. We:

 Express our absolute solidarity with him and his family.
 Appeal to all national, regional, continental, and international struggle organizations to expand the solidarity campaign with Jawad Mustaqbal and denounce such despicable attacks against activists.
 Declare our determination to engage in the preparations for the Counter-Summit against the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in Marrakech and mobilize for broad participation at the global, continental, regional, and national levels.
 We express our determination to continue the struggle for another Morocco, a Morocco of dignity, freedom, and social justice.

24 June 2023

Source CADTM.


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