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Regime attacks against the activists of the Movement of February 20

Sunday 18 September 2011, by Attac-CADTM Morocco

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Faithful to its repressive practices, the Moroccan regime and after failing to cause an implosion from within the movement, led in recent weeks an escalating crackdown that targeted several activists including our friend and member of the national secretariat of Attac/Cadtm Morocco Mostapha Sandia who is always fired from his job and the trade union activist Mohamed Kabbouri and his comrades and other activists of the association of unemployed graduates in Morocco.

This weekend was also marked by the arrest of our comrade rapper artist of the movement of 20 February in Casablanca Belghouat Moad, Called “Haked” (“i Outraged” in Arabic) was arrested Friday on charges of assault against a pro-regime demonstrator.

The rapper’s songs “HAKED” very critical to the regime including the king have become the artistic voice of the movement of 20 February in all the country songs are chanted in the demonstrations including one where:

"If the people want to live, all you have to stand up and defend its interests
Them, they all won and they left us the crumbs
Many activists have already sacrificed their lives for us! "


"We want a leader who we call accounts and not a holy man!
«Beware if you speak, they will stop you!
I will talk and you stop me! .... You shared the cake between you, kiss her hand! Long live my father who raised me, but our brother (the king) cornered the Morocco alone and as I live I will not let him concede it to his son! "

Moad “Haked” was presented in court last Monday but his Judgment Day is still freezing, sleep method to fatigue activists who do not allow themselves intimidated at the moment after the sit-in that was held outside the police station and the palace of justice since his arrest a march was held yesterday in the neighborhood where he enjoys great popularity.

His arrest also marked the march on Sunday to “Sidi Moumen” (a popular district of Casablanca) to which was attended by thousands of citizen(e)s.