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In the face of electoral theft we demand respect for the people’s vote

Thursday 11 February 2021, by Red Feminista Ecosocialista

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The results of the recent elections in Ecuador express, as CONAIE says, the historical achievements of the people’ s struggle, and ratify the need at this time for the unity of the countryside and the city. The results for the National Assembly, show that Pachakutik is the second electoral force in Ecuador, with 17.89% of the votes, but in the presidential elections there is a dispute for second place between Yaku Pérez of Pachakutik, the political arm of CONAIE, and Guillermo Lasso of CREO, a banker who represents businessmen linked to the neo-liberal right, one of whom will have to compete in the second round with Arauz of UNES, the current movement of ex-President Correa.

In the midst of the dispute for second place, a series of inconsistencies are occurring with the vote count in some polling stations, mainly in the province of Guayas, to favour the candidacy of Guillermo Lasso, under a veiled agreement among the oligarchic right wing and possibly Correa’s supporters, because then their candidate Arauz would be more certain of winning in the second round.

We reject the role that “correismo” has played at this moment, exacerbating racism and delegitimizing the social struggle through a media campaign.

We believe that there is a clear move to the left in Ecuador and that it is important to defend this historical accumulation of the social struggle; that is why we support the call of many organizations to maintain a permanent mobilization to ensure that the popular vote is respected, and that a vote-by-vote count is carried out to guarantee transparency in the elections.

We know that the struggle continues, and that it will be the struggle in the mobilization and the unity of the popular camp that will allow us to sustain the accumulated gains of October and the resistance against this system of death.

October lives, the struggle continues!

11 Febuary 2020


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