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PST denounces “charade called ‘consultation meeting’”

Wednesday 24 April 2019, by PST - Socialist Workers Party of Algeria

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After having taken note of the invitation of the PST on 21 April by the "Presidency of the Republic" to "a consultation meeting on the preparation of the presidential" and which takes place on Monday 22 April 2019 at Club des Pins, the National Secretariat of the party has decided the following:

1- The PST, an active participant in the revolutionary popular uprising that began on 22 February 2019, considers that the system and its current institutions, including Mr. Bensalah’s interim presidency, are illegitimate. Therefore, the PST rejects all decisions taken by these institutions, including the organisation of a presidential election on 4 July next.

2- As a result, the PST has decided not to participate in this charade called "consultation meeting" which strengthens the forced transition to the current de facto power on the one hand and, on the other, gives it a political guarantee.

3- The PST strongly denounces the repression of citizens, and demands that all light be shed on the many abuses committed by the security forces against the children of the people, including the suspicious death of martyr Ramzi Yettou following his arrest on 12 April 2019.

4- The PST calls on the current de facto régime to proclaim without delay the repeal of all measures and the lifting of all obstacles to the effective exercise of democratic freedoms, in particular the freedoms of expression, demonstration, organisation and trade union freedoms, including the right to strike.

5- The PST considers that the current proceedings against a few political figures and oligarchs of the Bouteflika regime, which is still in place, are part of the settling of scores between the factions and interest groups in power, which is being recomposed in the light of the new balance of power within it. They constitute a simulacrum of an "anti-corruption clean hands" operation with the aim of seducing the masses of the people and restoring the image of the current de facto régime. Finally, they reveal that justice at law still works and that its independence from political power and its injunctions is a struggle that has only just begun.

6- The PST reiterates its call for the indispensable self-organisation of the masses of the people, the mobilisation of workers for the reappropriation of the UGTA and their trade union structure and the implementation of the conditions allowing the election of a sovereign constituent assembly representative of our democratic and social aspirations.

The National Secretariat. PST

Algiers, 22 April 2019


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