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A despotism that destroys people - let us build the tools to overthrow it

Monday 12 December 2016, by Al Mounadil-a

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The act of killing Moheine Fikri, and the fact of doing so in Hoceima, is a clear signal: it demonstrates and illustrates the dreadful situation that is imposed on our people. [1] An arrogant dictatorial state which only sees people and individuals as a populace to be broken in with a whip, to be subjected and humiliated, to be forced to obey.

A state with know-how that has been perfected through crime

It has built secret prisons (Tazmammart, Agdez, Kalaat Megouna…) and has never hesitated to machine-gun demonstrators during popular uprisings (1965-1981-1984-1990…)

It has conducted campaigns of collective punishment (Tarmilat, Ifni, Sefrou…)
The history of the kingdom is full of bloody scenes, of citizens subjected to the dictates of an army of functionaries, bureaucrats whose use of terror and corruption know no limits. The peasant from the most remote corner of the country, the small shopkeeper, the street seller, the artisan and any citizen seeking to have an administrative document: all of them suffer, intimidated and forced, the leaden hold of the despotic regime, its corrupt bureaucratic apparatus and its repression.

All of these crimes are not only the expression of medieval barbarity, they are especially and above all a class repression aimed at breaking the solidarity and the unity of the oppressed and their organisation. Banning workers from organising on a trade-union and political level, forbidding citizens to revolt in any way against their state of submission and for their dignity. These are the only reasons that explain so many acts of savagery.

The repression and the denial of dignity are only the face of class oppression

The crime of Hoceima will not be the last, as long as the dictatorship that bans all real democracy, dignity, justice and liberty for the people and for citizens lasts.

The state will act as it has always done in such cases:

• There will be a “judicial enquiry” and the law will be applied by sacrificing some minor functionaries, by transferring or even arresting them;

• Ministers will make the trip from the capital to Hoceima to prove that they are serious, to calm down the natives and contain the anger that the crime has provoked.

And after that order will be restored. The state will not abandon those who serve it, and to reassure them that they have nothing to fear, it will pursue its arbitrary actions and its savagery.

To work for a change that will put an end to despotism and corruption: that is our only path to impose the freedom and dignity of the people.
We call for mobilisation and protests against this crime, for which the entire responsibility lies with the state.

We demand that justice is done against those who committed this atrocious crime, those who gave the order for it and those who did not do what was necessary to prevent it.

November 5, 2016