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All victory to the Tunisian Revolution; the forefront of the revolution in North Africa and the Middle East

Wednesday 19 January 2011, by Al Mounadil-a

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An Arab tyrant has finally fallen through a popular revolution. After 23 years of tyranny, robbery and oppression, the dictator Ben Ali fled, humiliated and disqualified, hearing the revolutionary Tunisian people shouting: “Ben Ali, get out!”

Since 1987, Ben Ai together with the rotten and corrupt bourgeoisie; especially the families of his wife and his kinsman, the Trabelsi’s and Materi’s, have relied on the support of the police and security services to plunder the economy of the country, humiliating and starving them its people. The police alone have 150.000 members, without counting the army and the other forces of repression; meaning one policeman for each 27 Tunisians - more than anywhere else in the Magreb.

Ben Ali’s regime was a brilliant pupil of the global financial institutions and particularly of French imperialism which cynically condoned his dictatorship of Ben Ali for the sake of their share in the so-called "Tunisian Miracle"; the Hong Kong of the North of Africa. Now they have been rudely awakened by the true miracle, the explosion of popular anger by the heroes who were the victims of Ben Ali and the policies of the World Bank.

The Tunisian Revolution started from Sidi Bouzid, triggered by the young Mohamed El-Bouazizi who burned himself alive as a protest against unemployment and indignity. This fire turned into a popular flame which increasingly spread across Tunisia and rocked its to its foundations.

From one demonstration to another, from one barricade to another and from one martyr to another; the uprising flourished and grew, resolutely making its way towards the palaces of the torturer of Carthage, demanding the head of the old dragon.

It has got what it wanted - the old tyrant fled in panic. This is a great, important victory for the ordinary Tunisian people and all the peoples of the Great Maghreb and the Arab Amazigh region and for all oppressed and exploited people all over the world. It is an Arab, Amazigh and African proof that the will of the people is indomitable, and that the revolution is not just an illusion of out of date radical dreamers. The revolution is the blood and flesh running in the streets of Tunisia. Let all the reactionaries shuddered everywhere because this revolution is inevitably infectious.

The Tunisian revolution has made a huge step forward, but its fate has not yet been decided yet. There is still a lot of rubbish to sweep out. The enemies of the revolution have not yet been decisively defeated, and the dragon of the counter-revolution is more than the head of an old tyrant.

The old political system is fully supported by all the reactionary forces of the world. That system is shaking, but it has not yet lost hope to escape from the grip of the street that throttles her. It still has the police force at its command. The revolution will not succeed in achieving the hopes of the Tunisian people if it the old regime has not been totally destroyed and replaced by the temporary government representing the revolutionary people - a government of the workers, poor peasants that oversees the election of a constituent assembly, setting the rules to govern the country at all levels through a new constitution.

Those that support the revolution cannot wait for an interim government, but must seek to form worker and popular councils in factories, neighbourhoods, schools and also in the barracks. These councils need to exist at the local and the national level, directly elected and subject to immediate recall. They should be a revolutionary power to run the country and a revolutionary shield in the face of the counter-revolution and its propaganda, repression and games. The future of the revolution is based on the formation of these worker and popular councils and on their ability to win the army or at least some of them to their side. The arming of the revolutionary people based on these councils is the guarantee to push the revolution forward and protect it from any foreign interference.

We cannot trust those who remained from Ben Ali’s gang! We must beware of liberal political forces which are eager to ride on the people’s victory! All the power to the revolutionary people! This is the slogan that should unite all Tunisian revolutionaries.

 For a second, third, fourth, and fifth Tunisia! Against the tyrannical regimes sponsoring division! For a Great Democratic United and Socialist Maghreb! These are the slogans that should unite the revolutionaries in the Great Maghreb.

 All the victory to the Tunisian Revolution; the forefront of the revolution in the North of Africa and the Middle East.

January 15, 2011