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“We are on strike because we want to be alive”

Monday 24 October 2016, by Virginia de la Siega

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“We are housewives, workers, business, workers, unemployed, activists, artists, mothers and daughters, maids ... that you see on the street, those in your neighborhood ... those who walk alone or accompanied, those who decide to abort or not ..., those who decide how and with whom their sexuality ... We are many ... and we shout tgether together: not one woman less! We want to be alive!

“This is why we are on strike (#Nosotras Paramos). And our appeal is regional: Bolivia, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Guatemala and El Salvador. In all Latin America we walk together because Latin America will be feminist or it will not exist. Against femicide and against the precariousness of our lives.

“Not one less woman. We want us alive! ”

This is a summary of the strike call to women by the collective #NiUnaMenos (Not one less).This is a summary of the strike call to women by the collective #NiUnaMenos (Not one less). [1]

What triggered this action was a wave of murders of women should suffer in Argentina whose climax was the kidnapping, rape and murder of a 16 years in the city of Mar del Plata. The kidnapping occurred at the same time that the police brutally repressed the closing event of the National Conference of Rosario, an annual event of women whose theme is the demand for decriminalization of abortion.

On 19 October, thousands of women dressed in black, like the Polish women the previous week, abandoned homes, schools, factories, offices for an hour and came together by banging pans and carrying placards that read, “If my life has no value, produce without me!” And “Excuse us but they are killing us!”

In Buenos Aires, despite the rain that swept throughout the day, thousands of women from the city center and the poor suburbs of Greater Buenos Aires, men and children gathered at 5pm at the Obelisk to march to the Plaza de Mayo. In the 30 most important cities of Argentina and throughout Latin America, from Santiago de Chile to Oaxaca, Mexico, women marched against the violence done to them. In Europe there wer support demonstrations in several cities including Paris and Copenhagen.

Saying he was “moved” by the popular response to the call of #NiUnaMenos , the Argentine president Mauricio Macri, with absolute hypocrisy, pledged his support to the movement. Of course he had forgotten he had dissolved the service that investigates cases of murders of women, eliminated the Complete Sexual Education Program and created a programme to eradicate violence against women without even assigning it a budget.