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Solidarity with the victims of Ankara massacre

Thursday 22 October 2015, by Borderless

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On 10th of October, at least 106 activists were killed and hundreds were injured in a demonstration for peace, labor and democracy in Ankara. Several people are still missing.

The victims were killed by two suicide bombers whose steps were tracked by the intelligence service. There were no security measures,and the police came just after the explosions - blocking the way of the ambulances, teargassing survivors and the injured, attacking the people who were trying to help their friends and comrades. This cruelty and lack of responsibility from the side of the rulers resulted in more deaths and injuries.

The victims were the most active labor unionists, feminists, socialists, student activists, anarchists, social-democrats, communists, and supporters of the Kurdish movement for peace and democracy.

Now there are tens of friends and comrades who are in dire need of financial support to have the necessary surgeries, to buy prosthetic arms and legs and to continue living their daily lives with a bit of support.

Time is short and we can help them quickly. You can donate to:

IBAN/SEPA Number: NL25INGB0005571638


Bank: ING BANK N.V (Postbus 1800, 1102 BW, Amsterdam)

Accountname: Grenzeloos (Lombokstraat 40, Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

Please mention “for Ankara” - we will transfer the money to our friends in Turkey that will make sure that the money goes to the survivors of the attack.

Borderless, 20 October 2015