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HDP Demirta?: The Turkish State Has Become Mafia & Serial Killer

Saturday 10 October 2015

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Speaking to reporters in Istanbul before leaving for Ankara in the wake of today’s massacre of demonstrators who had gathered for peace, Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Co-President Selahattin Demirtaş said the bomb attack came during a period of debates for an imminent ceasefire.

Demirta? said “We are facing a state mindset that has become a mafia, murderer and serial killer.”


Pointing out that police forces attacked the scene of the explosions with tear gas soon after the incident and hindered the access of ambulances, Demirta? said it was not ambulances but riot police that mobilised after the massacre in the heart of the Turkish capital. “It is obvious that there is an intention to increase the number of deaths. And now representatives of the government and the Prime Minister will say ’maintain your common sense’ in our faces, while the police forces under their command attack the wounded people. What sort of a government has this become when its police force fires tear gas on the people, just like in Diyarbak?r?

I do not know what kind of bomb caused this massacre but it was definitely a malicious one. A highly effective bomb was used here to ensure a high number of casualties, as was the case in Suruç and Diyarbak?r. The forces behind this massacre will not be revealed either, because there is an explicit force behind it, just like in Diyarbak?r and Suruç”


Demirta? asked; "Is it possible for a state, whose intelligence organisation is this powerful, to not have any information on this incident?, and continued; "There is a bitter situation in question. We are facing a state mindset that has become a mafia, murderer and a serial killer that wants to take society captive. We will overcome these days with the resistance of those not surrendering to persecution. Yet, we will bring those responsible to account within the scope of the law. We will not allow these incidents to go down in history as just a cruelty. We are assured that this mindset will not last forever.”


The HDP Co-President said their party has cancelled its election programme everywhere because it is not possible to continue while dozens of people have just been killed. He said they will be dealing with the casualties and manifest everywhere that they will be resisting these attacks. "Freedom and peace is much more important than elections", he added.

So far 30 people have been reported killed and hundreds wounded in the double explosion in Ankara.

10th October 2015

ANF - Istanbul

From the website Kurdish Question.