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Sri Lanka

NSSP comrades appeal

Saturday 1 January 2005, by NSSP

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Many thousands of people have been killed and over 2.5 million people displaced by the deadly Tsunamis that swept across South East Asia, hitting Sri Lanka the hardest. Many of our comrades including trade union members have been definitely affected in coastal areas.

Definite figures and details of damages for our comrades are not available yet. All infrastructure has been damaged in those areas.

The situation in the northern and eastern (mostly Tamils and Muslims) provinces is much more disastrous and properties in the areas are devastated.

People living in those areas who have lost some of their family members and properties need our assistance and help. In many cases whole families have been wiped out as hundreds of entire villages have been washed away.

We have observed that sufficient relief does not reach those areas. So it has become our responsibility to help our comrades who are urgently in need of help.

As such we have started to collect various items and money to assist them. Under these circumstances we have cancelled our party anniversary which was scheduled to be held on 30th Dec. 2004.

We appeal to you - brief every comrade and organisation regarding this untold misery and find a way to help these destitute people.

  1. If developed and the lending countries are genuinely concerned with the current situation and the destitution, campaign and pressurised such countries to cancel Sri Lanka’s debt.
  2. We appeal to sympathetic organisations all over the world to make financial contributions to help distressed people immediately.

For this purpose we are asking comrades to support financially through:

Corporation Co-op & Mercantile Union

Account Number : 0600163663

Int.Bank Code: BCEVLKLX

Bank of Ceylon

Fifth City Branch

York Street

Colombo 01

Sri Lanka

More information at the NSSP website