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Sri Lanka

Petition campaign success

Police forced to investigate attack on NSSP leader

Sunday 3 April 2011, by NSSP

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The Inspector General of Police (IGP) of Sri Lanka Mahinda Balasuriya has promised rights activists that steps will be taken to investigate the attack on the NSSP general secretary, journalists and party members at the Katunayaka airport. The pledge came following a petition signed by many in Sri Lanka and elsewhere.

Marching to meet the IGP after assembling in front of the Fort railway station a delegation consisting of Fr. Sakthivel, women’s leader Sandya Ekneligoda, senior lawyers SG Punchiheva and Srinath Perera, Former Provincial Council Chairmen Abu Yusuf and Dr. Vickramabahu Karunaratne handed over the petition to the IGP on March 24th .

They explained to the police that though complaints have been made to the relevant police stations about the assault and violence made by an organized pro government gang on 7 Dec 2010, and sent detailed letters by registered post to the IGP and DIG Gampaha, no investigation has been conducted as far as they are aware. In their complaints Suresh Kumar Gunarathne, son of the Deputy Minister of State Resources & Enterprise Development, Sarath Gunarathne has been named as the leader of the gang.

The IGP has called for reports sent by the Negombo head quarter police, and after going through all documents admitted there is lapse in the investigations. He has also admitted to the delegation of activists that the assault was a serious incident with severe damage to a vehicle carrying passengers.

He said that the investigation was immediately withdrawn from the Gampaha region, which is in Minister Gunaratne’s electorate and entrusted it to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Eric Perera, Director Special Investigation Unit (SIU). Also he directed the SSP to immediately discuss details of coordination with witnesses and to proceed with the investigation. Furthermore we were promised that since it is now directly under the IGP in the Colombo head quarters, the investigation will be free of any undue influence.

Dr. Vickramabahu who said that they “exchanged relevant information in a subsequent discussion with the SSP of SIU” expressed hope that the IGP Dr Balasooriya, a chemistry graduate who did research in to narcotics, honours his pledge.

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