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Breakthrough for MP Søren Søndergaard

Friday 1 October 2004, by Thomas Eisler

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Denmark’s Red-Green Alliance didn’t stand in the June elections to the European Parliament. Instead it campaigned for Red-Green Alliance members on the slate of the June Movement and the Peoples Movement against the EU. The two movements have a trajectory back to the campaign against joining the EEC in the early 1970s. The split between the two came after referendums in 1992 and 1993 first rejected and then accepted the Maastricht treaty. The June Movement wants to roll back the EU to what it was before Maastricht while the Peoples Movement questions Danish membership of the EU. In this regard the Peoples Movement is more in accordance with the Red-Green Alliance.

The two movements have chosen different partners in the European Parliament. While the Peoples Movement is part of the GUE/NGL group, the June Movement has been part of the EDD together with the French hunters and a very reactionary Dutch party. At the last elections the June Movement got three seats and the Peoples Movement one, altogether winning 25% of the vote. A former MP of the Red Green Alliance, Bent Hindrup, was alternate for the June Movement and became MEP during the period. An MEP for the Peoples Movement, Ole Krarup, is a member of the Red-Green Alliance but is not first of all known as a representative of the Peoples Movement.

For the recent election eight Red-Green Alliance members were present on the two slates - three on the June Movement slate and five on the Peoples Movement list.

Party Results 13th June 2004 (%) Result 1999 (%) Parliament elections 2001 (%)
Social Democrats 32.6 16.5 29.1
Social Liberal 6.4 9.1 5.2
Conservative 11.3 8.5 9.1
Socialist Peoples Party 7.9 7.1 6.4
June Movement 9.1 16.1 -
Christian Democrats 1.3 2.0 2.3
Peoples Movement 5.2 7.3 -
Danish Peoples Party 6.8 5.8 12
Liberal 19.4 23.3 31.3

The two movements got one seat each and 9 and 5% respectively. Ole Krarup got reelected with 34,719 votes compared to more than 60,000 at last election. Søren Søndergaard, who is also a member of the SAP (Danish section of the Fourth International), stood for the Peoples Movement against the EU and was in second place on its electoral list. Though he was ranked as number nine on the slate by the convention of the Peoples Movement, he got 18,000 personal votes at the election. This was due to his reputation as MP for the Red-Green Alliance and the campaigning of the Red Green Alliance. Though the Red Green Alliance decided to support all Alliance members running for the Peoples movement and the June Movement, it was the campaign for Søren Søndergaard that was most widespread in the local branches.