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Danish Elections: Tripled support for Red Green Alliance, and a left government

Friday 16 September 2011, by Thomas Eisler

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With 6.7 per cent and 12 MPs the Red Green Alliance has tripled its electoral support at the elections for national parliament on the 15th of September compared to the elections in 2007.

The elections also mark the end of 10 years with the Conservative–Liberal government based on support from the xenophobic populist Danish Peoples Party. There will now be a majority that support the Social Democrats (SD) to form a government led by Helle Thorning-Schmidt. She will be the first female prime minister in Denmark. The government will for sure also include the Socialist Peoples Party (SPP). The latter party has had a very close alliance with the Social Democrats during the recent years and have gone through a process to prove they are a “responsible” party ready to govern.

The success of the RGA is to a large extent explained by this turn of the SPP. The other side of the story is a very dynamic campaign by the RGA. The RGA has focused on the defence and improvement of public welfare and this is affordable through the taxation of the rich, multinational companies and speculation. Also the RGA has put forward a plan for the immediate creation of 56,000 climate jobs.

Two of the RGA MPs are also members of SAP, the Danish section of the Fourth International. SAP will discuss a balance sheet of the elections at its national leadership meeting on the 1st of October.