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Defeat to the corrupt, oppressive battalions of Mahinda

Saturday 6 August 2011, by Vickramabahu Karunarathne

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Breivik, the Norwegian terrorist proved what we were attempting to establish for a long period that is that terror is a method which can be utilized by either the left or the right. There are many including Kumar the cricketer, who believe that any terror action should be connected to some sort of communism. Sure, Breivik thought himself to be a revolutionary, but he is a committed anti-communist.

He thought it was gruesome having to commit these terrorist acts, but in his head these were necessary. Like Hitler, this guy too believes in a Caucasian dream of supremacy and cultural purification. He wanted a change in society and, from his perspective, he needed to force through a revolution for that purpose. He wished to attack the structure of society. It is very popular among the European right-wing extremists to condemn multiculturalism and in particular to condemn Muslim immigration.

Breivik, wearing a wetsuit and carrying an automatic weapon, has appeared in a 12-minute anti-Muslim video called Knights Templar 2083.

These ‘Christian’ fundamentalists consider Muslim religion as a cause for backwardness and poverty. However the truth is that poverty and backwardness is a result of global capitalism; and the so called cultured elites are dependent on plunder and exploitation irrespective of religious beliefs.

It is natural for the Sinhala chauvinists to be happy, to hear the attack of Norwegian neo-fascists. The Norwegian Labour Party is social reformist and not communist. But for Breivik even social reformists fall into the category of "cultural Marxists/ multiculturalist traitors"!

In the meantime Tamils in the north used the given grossly distorted election at the end of July to kick out Mahinda from the north. Latter used military power, administrative power, thuggery, impersonation and bribes to kill the fire of the oppressed. He expected Tamils to submit and crawl.

However courageous, resilient Tamils braved the onslaught and gave a resounding defeat to the corrupt, oppressive battalions of Mahinda. In the south he could dominate mainly because of the weak opposition.

However the election results glaringly show that the country is divided.
While Mahinda rule the south, the north is dominated by the Tamil National Alliance (TNA). That is the glaring truth that the government wanted to conceal, but miserably failed. Has the government got a solution to this national division in the country? This will be the prime question discussed in Lanka in the coming period.

The statement of the leader of the TNA stated;

“the verdict of the people conveys beyond doubt, a definite message which the people have conveyed from the Parliamentary elections in 1956, and at all elections thereafter. The message is that the Tamil people have an inalienable right to live as equal citizens in security with their dignity restored within an undivided united Sri Lanka and with access to governance to be able to fulfill their legitimate political, economic, social and cultural aspirations.

The people have also voted for expeditious resettlement and rehabilitation of all the internally displaced persons in the North and East on their lands with proper housing, livelihood opportunities and other basic necessities and for the suspension and reversal of all actions of the Government or its agents in the North and East pertaining to land, religious places, cultural places and other areas of concern to the Tamil people which will have long term evil consequences on the Tamil people. We earnestly urge the Government to recognize and respect the clear verdict that has been delivered by the Tamil people, without any delay.”

The TNA leader Sampanthan as usual is very mild and compromising. Clearly he is in favour of what the late LTTE leader referred to as internal self determination. Actually it is not self determination that they are demanding but autonomy in a united country. As I believe, self determination is the right to decide the destiny of a nation including separation.

Even autonomy is rejected by the Mahinda regime in the past. I do not believe that Mahinda is going to change his mind looking at the election results. Here is a leader who achieved his aim by resorting to mass action. He marched, demonstrated, agitated until he arrived at the door step of power. Of course he has forgotten all that including the oppressed masses that rallied around to march with him. But we must not forget the lesson he left behind.

Let us combine the demands of the Tamil nationality with those of workers, fishers and the other oppressed to demand democracy and freedom