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Sri Lanka

NSSP appeals for international solidarity

UN must recognise Tamil sovereignty

Sunday 2 March 2008, by Vickramabahu Karunarathne

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LTTE political wing leader B. Nadesan has written to the UN general secretary requesting UN to recognize the sovereignty of the Tamil nation. This is a result of the barbaric war mongering policy of the GOSL.

We have indicated since 1974 that Tamil homeland, their nationality; autonomy and the right to self determination should be recognize for a united solution. Not only we campaigned in Sri Lanka on this issue, where we lost lives and suffered untold hard sips, but also we took this to the international plane through the Fourth International of which we are the section in Sri Lanka. Also, we participated in many international seminars in India, UK, Canada, Australia, Norway, South Africa, Hon Kong etc.

At this crucial moment we appeal to left organizations, trade unions and socialist intellectuals world over to join us in this campaign to arrive at a united solution on the basis of recognition of Tamil homeland, their nationality, autonomy and the right of self determination. We specially appeal to the leaders of Cuba, Venezuela; and the leaders of the Left Front of India that includes the Indian Marxist communist party and the Indian communist party to help us.