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Gaddafi out! No to imperialist military intervention!

Statement from Sinistra Critica (Critical Left)

Monday 21 March 2011, by Sinistra Critica (Critical Left)

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The Libyan dictatorship’s brutal repression against the people’s revolution provides the best excuse for imperialist military intervention which has the effect of holding back the unfolding revolutionary process throughout the Arab world. The ‘no-fly’ zone decided by the UN Security Council has come after Gaddafi had been allowed to re-take a large part of the liberated area.

The rebels in Benghazi and Tobruk , after having explicitly rejected the poisoned chalice of external Western help for weeks, were now understandably constrained to ask for any sort of international help that would allow them to escape from the regime’s iron fist. These are the cynical calculations that the Western powers have made to the cost of the Libyan people and of all the other peoples in revolt in this region of the world. The West wants to regain a margin of control on the geopolitical situation and on the oil/gas resources. This control has been put into question by the overthrow of the dictatorships in Tunisia and Egypt. Those people who up to now have talked about revolutions manipulated by the United States have ended up by sabotaging one of the biggest democratic uprisings in the history of the Arab world. An uprising triggered by the capitalist crisis which has overthrown regimes allied to the West and Israel. A different sort of mobilisation was possible in Europe and it would have resulted today in the Libyan dictator suffering the same fate as Ben Ali and Mubarak.

We are completely against any military intervention in Libya, because there is no such thing as a humanitarian war and this aid will not help the liberation struggle. The strongest support we can give is that of mass mobilisations in all countries which unequivocally call for the removal of the colonel and are against imperialist attempts to intervene in Libya – there is no alternative. The left and the workers movement have an enormous responsibility on this question. Up to now they have been passive and ambiguous. Any support – however critical – for the NATO countries’ intervention would be disastrous.

No to the military intervention! No to the use of Italian bases for the military intervention!

We demand that the regime’s armed forces end repression and aggression!

Gaddafi must go and the people must freely decide their own future as in Egypt and Tunisia!

Unconditional, total support to the struggles of the Libyan people!

The revolution can suffer setbacks, but the dynamic that exists in many Arab countries can overcome them!

20th March 2011