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Italian Leftists Appeal

Withdraw Italian troops from Afghanistan!

Support needed from international Left

Monday 3 July 2006, by Sinistra Critica (Critical Left)

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The new centre-left italian government of Romano Prodi is going to ask parliament to vote for continuing the Italian military presence in Afghanistan. This is a clear break with the anti-war feelings of the Italian left that were expressed in the enomous anti-war mobilizations which took place under the reactionary Berlusconi government.

Left senators and members of parliament are under pressure from the goverment to vote against their own convictions. For the moment, eight senators have stated that they will refuse to vote for the Prodi government on this question. As the centre left only has a two vote majority in the Senate their decision could force Prodi to withdraw the Italian armed forces or to count on the support of the right wing to approve his decision.

To help the left representatives to resist, sign this appeal.

To sign it send a mail to: noafghanistan@libero.it

You can also sign it through the website: www.sinistracritica.org, where you will find the Italian text and you can sign by sending your full name and e-mail address.

Don’t vote for this mission!

In Afghanistan there is a war in which Italy is participating fully through the UN mission. The Prodi government, following the line of the previous government has decided to keep Italian troops in Afghanistan, without chaning its military presence in any way.
For years we have demonstrated against all wars, including the one in Afghanistan, with no ifs nor buts.
Italy cannot and must not participate in this mission and the pacifist left, first of which is the Party of Communist Refoundation (PRC), must not approve it. We call on the parliamentary representatives to vote in coherence with their own convictions and on the Unione for it to note this clear position by changing direction and going towards an “exit strategy” in Afghanistan and respect of Article 11 of the Constitution included in the governmental programme.