17th World Congress discussion

Latest update : 14 March 2018.

The International Committee meeting in February 2017 decided to hold the 17th World Congress in February 2018. The meeting voted by a very large majority to approve three documents to open the internal discussion. It also decided to publish these documents:

Capitalist globalization, imperialisms, geopolitical chaos and their implications

Social upheavals, fightbacks and alternatives

Towards a text on Role and Tasks of the Fourth International

Two alternative platforms gave been submitted:

Let’s seize the opportunities, and build an international for revolution and communism

The new era and the tasks of revolutionaries

The Ecology Commission was mandated to produce a document to open the Congress discussion on this point.

The capitalist destruction of the environment and the ecosocialist alternative

An alternative proposal has been submitted:

• A civilisational wake-up call – and an ecosocialist response

We are have opened this section in International Viewpoint dedicated to contributions in the pre-World Congress discussion.