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The war in Gaza and the Germany’s “raison d’état”

Thursday 9 November 2023, by Jakob Schaefer

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The German government does not even support the call for a ceasefire. No other government in the world so totally supports the policy of Israeli governments, however far right-wing and racist they may be.

One might think that this attitude is an inescapable duty in the context of the Holocaust perpetrated by Nazi Germany. However, on closer inspection, it turns out to be no help to the Jews. Out of a total of 3.5 billion Deutsche Marks in "reparation", only 500 million (via the Jewish Claims Conference) went to those directly and indirectly affected by the Holocaust. All the rest was spent on supporting the apartheid state of Israel (a third of which was spent on goods from Germany, particularly weapons). But above all, the 1952 agreement was Germany’s entry card into the Western world after the Second World War.

Support for Israel, but no greater security for Jews

The political support given to Israel by the German government also has the effect of promoting the colonialist system, which has resulted in the continuation and hardening of the policy of colonisation in the West Bank and the closure of the Gaza Strip for the last sixteen years. Ultimately, this only perpetuates tensions in Israel-Palestine and in the region.

It does nothing to improve the security of the people of Israel, and this was not visible until the attack on 7 October. Finally, how great must the anger and despair be to launch an action such as that of 7 October against such a vastly superior military power? The oppression of the Palestinian population for decades obviously does not justify the murders and hostage-taking of civilians, but it does demonstrate that there can be no peace with the apartheid state and the social and military oppression in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The German raison d’état

More than in many other countries, anti-Semitism is widespread in Germany. In order not to be reproached for this by world public opinion and to preserve its anchorage in the "Western community of values", the German governments - as well as all the major media and other "opinion leaders" - position themselves as unwavering supporters of the Israeli governments, whatever the latter’s murderous actions, as if the respective Israeli governments were the exclusive representatives of all Jews, wherever they live.

This attitude of unconditional and uncritical support for all Israeli governments is described by German governments as "German raison d’état". This attitude is accompanied by heavy repression of all organisations and individuals who criticise the Israeli government. In principle, the government and the media equate criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism. Combined with general racism, this particularly affects people from the Arab world. They are harassed, regularly arrested at demonstrations and criminalised. Freedom of expression in general is undermined, not just on the subject of Israel.

This makes solidarity with Palestine even more difficult in Germany than in other Western countries, but it remains an indispensable task of internationalist solidarity.

8 November 2023

Translated by International Viewpoint from l’Anticapitaliste.


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