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Lula’s victory on October 30 is the Brazilian people’s only chance

The battle of a country

Saturday 22 October 2022, by Carlos N.

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The night of the progressive militancy was bitter last October 2, the day of the counting of the first round of the 2022 national elections. Even if our electoral balance is superior to that of recent years, with important additions for a new left, attuned to socio-environmental, LGBTQIAP+, anti-racist and feminist struggles, and that Lula obtained an unprecedented and massive result, the overall result represents a victory for Bolsonarism, a far-right current that has strengthened in an overwhelming way.

Since June 2013, in Brazil, the right has radicalised and massified, while the left has remained reduced, struggling to find a programme. Lula’s victory on 30 October is the only chance for the Brazilian people, with the current composition of the National Congress, plus the level of strength of Bolsonarism demonstrated on the streets, in the networks and in the polls. Conquer this condition for a recomposition of forces of the left - possibility to energize and eventually repact with most of the Brazilian people, and formulate on issues that make sense and propose, in everyday life, changes.

We will consolidate this victory in the territories, from the best experiences of Vira-Voto in 2018, and the municipal campaigns in 2020. The progressive camp, in these almost five years, despite the structural defeats, has been able to make the experience of building grassroots initiatives, mostly related to elections, and as for active solidarity during the Covid-19 pandemic. Reactivating these networks, convening activists through virtual means, building broad face-to-face meetings, producing, acquiring and distributing campaign material, organising street mobilisation in strategic locations, all this is part of the menu, and it has been possible to taste and reprove.

The sense of urgency is widespread. In this sacred hour, the militant vanguard, those still standing in spite of the times - which Brecht called indispensable - help your sister and brother to stand up and shout loudly: Out Bolsonaro!

6 October 2022


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