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Step-by-step and systematic Chinese inhumane policies for ethnic eradication

Sunday 3 April 2022, by Karen Yamanaka

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Their brainwashing project is an ethnic eradication policy (or inward genocide) based on the illusion of a “monoethnic nation.” For the Han majority ethnic group, ethnic minorities living in China are like “foreigners” who have different physical characteristics, different languages, different lifestyles, and histories. The brainwashing project carried out by the Chinese government is to make the “foreigners” into Chinese citizens of “monoethnic nation”. The government’s ostensible “ethnic education” and “ethnic minority priority policies” are just deceptive. [3] The ethnic eradication policy removes the ethnic identities of the ethnic minorities while keeping their bodies alive. A “foreigner” who has been “remodeled” in this way has a living body, but his ethnic identity was completely removed. This is another form of inward genocide.

Why is the Chinese Government trying to make inward genocide?

Massacres have been repeated in Chinese history. Why is the Chinese government confining ethnic minorities to “educational facility” and making brainwashing without indiscriminate slaughter? That is due to the circumstances peculiar to China. The territory which includes the lands inhabited by 55 ethnic minorities and rather remarkable influence of their political groups cannot be ignored for the Chinese government. Under the circumstances, the Chinese government will have no justification for claiming that Xinjiang Uighur, Inner Mongolia, Tibet and other ethnic minority areas are Chinese territory if all minorities are slaughtered indiscriminately. In addition, the areas inhabited by some ethnic minorities such as Korean and Mongolian are adjacent to the independent nations unique to each ethnic group.

So most of the group members must be kept alive as citizens of China or as Chinese to maintain “territorial integrity”. And only a section of the ethnic group has been cracked down even if some opposite groups are repressed. Separation and independence of ethnic minorities means absorption of those ethnic groups into existing countries. It also means territorial losses for the Chinese government. For this reason, the Chinese government has made it an urgent task to accelerate assimilation of ethnic minorities into “monoethnic nation”. As a means for that, there was the continuous need for “education” and brainwashing. The ethnic minority without ethnic identity may become a voluntary collaborator of the Chinese government and also become a good major pillar of Chinese nationalism as a citizen of China. Since their founding, the Chinese government has enforced and continued such inhumane policies.

Differences from the Nazi massacre

The (outer) body is kept alive as an ostensible ethnic minority, and inner is replaced with the Chinese style. This is the essence of the “brainwashing” project of the Chinese government. Nazi Germany and its collaborators committed national crimes of eradicating Jews in order to clear the Jewish elements from society. At that time, Jews could not find a place of peace anywhere in Europe. There will be similarities between Jewish massacre and Chinese minority eradication in that ethnic elements were eliminated [4]. But the latter differs from the former in that it possesses a relatively large territory compared to the ethnic majority group. Therefore, it is necessary for the Chinese government to continue to implement the brainwashing project while keeping the majority of ethnic minorities in China alive without physically eradicating them. And the Chinese government need to continue the project to prevent independence of ethnic minorities, which greatly influence the survival of the nation of China, and to realize their further expansive and robbery “territorial integrity”.

While cracking down on ethnic minorities, the Chinese government keep the majority of the inhabitants alive without killing them. However, even if the body is alive, the ethnic identity is dead. This is the difference between the Nazi persecution of Jews and the Chinese-style persecution against ethnic minorities.

Chinese inhumane project now and in the future

The project to prevent independence of ethnic minorities is progressing steadily to maintain “monoethnic nation independence.” In recent years, the Chinese government has made policy decisions to deprive each minority of their language. In Inner Mongolia, using Mongolian in the classes of Mongolian public schools was banned from September 2020. And a similar language ban policy is being implemented in Xinjiang Uighur. The language ban policy is in parallel with the ethnic division policy or the policy to take away ethnic self-determination. In Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang Uighur, there has also been the political policies implemented to separate the neighboring people of the same ethnic group.

The purpose of the murderous repression project is to maintain “territorial integrity” of the country of China. Combatting all kinds of oppression in China must entail tenacious unpacking of chauvinism of the Han majority ethnic group and other exclusionary ideologies. Ethnic minorities under China’s authoritarian regime are under dual control: the one-party rule of the Communist Party of China and the monopoly of political power by the Han ethnic group. And the demise of ethnic autonomy has led to the induction of ethnic turmoil. But building cross-border citizen solidarity and new forms of sustainable popular movement self-organized by oppressed people to restore self-determination is almost impossible or extremely difficult in the highly surveillance society. To address the situation, we must stand in international solidarity with our frontline communities near us. Ethnic minorities in China deserve our international solidarity in their resistance and should be free to exercise their right to self-determination.


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[1The project to replace ideology that has been carried out gradually and surely to ethnic minorities for generations.

[2In Chinese nationalism, all 56 ethnic groups are integrated into “Chinese people”.

[3For decades, so-called”ethnic education“has already been carried out as part of the project. Education in the public schools for ethnic minorities is nothing more than ostensible and empty”ethnic education“in which Chinese nationalism is merely translated into multiple languages.

[4In the history of China, genocide of the inhabitants has been repeated every time a rebellion or a revolution occurred. Even after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, tens of millions of people have been killed in the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. In considering the issue of ethnic minorities in China, we must also keep in mind the ferocious nature of China’s political mechanism.