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Sudan resists the coup - Online forum

Organizing solidarity with Sudan’s revolutionaries

Friday 5 November 2021, by Tempest Collective

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Tempest Collective is honored to have co-sponsored this important event—with Africa is a Country, Dissenters, DSA AfroSocialist and Socialists of Color Caucus, Internationalism from Below, New Politics, Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE), and Spring Magazine— which came together only days following the recent coup in Sudan.

This months’ events are inseparable from the revolutionary process in Sudan, going back to 2019 at least. We are encouraging everyone to continue these discussions at forthcoming solidarity events, including one sponsored by Haymarket Books on Monday, November 8 at 6:00 p.m. EST (further details TBA)!

Sudan stands on a knife-edge between revolution and counter-revolution. The Sudanese military staged a coup on October 25th, toppling the interim government that has ruled the country since the revolution that toppled Omar al-Bashir’s dictatorship in 2019.

The coup regime has arrested political leaders and activists across the country. The people have risen up in defense of their revolution for democracy, equality, and social justice. Workers have shut down production in a wave of strikes. Protests on October 30th numbered in the millions in Khartoum and throughout the country.

Already, the military has tried to repress leading activists, particularly amongst workers that have shut down business and industry. No doubt, the people will respond with another wave of struggle.

Amidst this national uprising, one of the key organizations of the revolution, the Resistance Committees have issued the following demands:

 Overthrow the military coup and hand over full power to civilians.
 Hand over all members of the military council to urgent and immediate trials on charges of instituting a military coup.
 No dialogue or negotiation with any of the members of the Military Council and members of its Security Committee, and reject any interference by the international axes.
 Dissolve all armed militias and reconfigure a national armed force, within a specified period and in accordance with a national doctrine aimed at protecting the country’s borders and the people’s rights to freedom, peace and justice.
 Remove all armed and civic forces from the political process once and for all, by criminalizing the practice of politics by the military.

Watch on Youtube.

31 October 2021

Source Tempest.


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