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Covid-19 pandemic

Covid Emergency in Indonesia: An Urgent Appeal for Donations

Saturday 17 July 2021, by ESSF, Perempuan Mahardhika

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The situation of Covid in Indonesia is getting worse. The number of additional cases still continues to skyrocket every day. Our country has become a new epicenter for the pandemic in Asia.

Mobility curbs (road and toll road blocking ) and isolation measures are imposed on a growing number of districts, but they are not accompanied by guarantees of employment and income, which dramatically complicate the lives of workers. Many companies are not assigning their workers to work from home when feasible.

In the areas where our network is active, because of the fear of losing their job, some women garment workers did not immediately check themselves for Covid symptoms or withstand the pain and continued to work. They are faced to hard choices when they know they are positive and should take time to isolate at home. In addition, the difficulty to access health facilities is also noticeable.

Queues to perform antigen or PCR tests occur at the nearest Puskesmas (local government clinics) and hospitals. Laborers have to endure simple self-isolation in their rented houses or boarding houses while waiting for the results to be known. The response from the companies has been mixed. There is one company that gives 12 days’ leave and this is a company where the union has a strong bargaining position. But with long queues to get the results of tests, time off is almost mostly used just to wait for them. This situation makes the condition of female workers and their families more vulnerable. Lesbian couples, still stigmatized, are reluctant to report their condition to the local centers, which makes support and attention for them coming only from their own community.

Purpose – Use of Support Funds

The funds we propose aim to support the self-isolation process of female laborers. Some forms of support are such as

(1) food packages,

(2) vitamin support, and medicines,

(3) medical devices such as masks, hand sanitizers, and small oxygen tubes (where possible),

(4) paid antigen/PCR swab tests if there are barriers to accessing puskemas facilities.

The target areas for the above assistance are Jakarta, Bandung, Karawang and Bekasi.

Perkumpulan Perempuan Mahardhika

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