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Women’s rights in Algeria

With all Algerian women

Sunday 23 May 2021, by National Secretariat of the PST (Socialist Workers Party) Algeria

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In a statement released on Tuesday, May 18, the Algerian Union of Education Workers (SATE) gives some details.

It explains that the “barbaric act” committed against teachers took place in the night from Monday to Tuesday in their place of residence within the school (high school) where they exercise.

They were allegedly attacked around 2 a.m. by a group of individuals armed with knives. The torture of these ten teachers lasted two hours, during which, SATE continues, objects belonging to them were stolen from them, including laptops, telephones and cash.

What is most tragic in this case is that the attackers did not have a shred of compassion for an infant of one of the teachers. SATE informs that the teachers were admitted to the city hospital in a catastrophic psychological state, some of them were injured.

Even more worrying, this “cowardly and inhuman aggression Is the fourth of its kind to target the new high school n ° 10.” [1]

The abject crime committed in Bordj Badji Mokhtar against the women teachers is the crime of too much. Everyone must denounce it and express strong solidarity with the victims and with all Algerian women.

The trivialization of feminicides in recent years reflects not only the impunity against violence against women, but also the persistence and hegemony of backward mentalities in society.

The government bears a great responsibility for the deterioration of the situation of women in our country. Its occasional speeches and legal provisions for the promotion of women’s rights do not hide its political complacency in the face of this tragic regression.

In order to maintain itself and recruit political and electoral clients, the government continues to encourage the conservatism of the Zaouiyas, to use religion to the point of overdose for political purposes and to promote patriarchy, notably by maintaining the family code. Also, this terrifying aggression of the women of Bordi Badji mokhtar proves that the power which arches its chest and represses the peaceful demonstrators and the freedoms in all the country, is in reality unable to ensure the safety of these courageous women teachers who braved the hard conditions of the extreme south to bring science and knowledge to our children.

- Solidarity with the women teachers of Bordj Badji Mokhtar!

 Stop feminicide and violence against women!

 Stop the impunity of the aggressors of women!

 Stop the political promotion of the oppression of women!

 For the guarantee of the physical security of isolated women workers!

 For the repeal of the family code!

 For equal rights between men and women!

 For the implementation of policies and programs that truly guarantee the emancipation of women!


20 May 2021.


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