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Home of Carolina Iara, PSOL co-councillor in São Paulo, attacked - Investigation now!

Thursday 28 January 2021, by Esquerda Online

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Carolina Iara, co-councillor of PSOL in São Paulo, elected in 2020, suffered an attack in the night of Tuesday 26 to Wednesday 27 January. Two shots were fired at Carol’s house.

She and her family are fine and no one was injured in another episode of political violence against a Black, transvestite and intersex woman who was elected to represent the people of São Paulo. [1]

Urgent security measures have been taken throughout this Wednesday (27) and the police search is being carried out this very afternoon at the Police Station for the Protection of the Person.

Images obtained by a security camera show a white car, with darkened windows, stopped in front of Carol’s house, for approximately 3 minutes, between 2:07 and 2:10. Neighbours confirm that the shots were heard at that time.

“We demand an immediate investigation, as we cannot allow a black, transvestite and intersex woman to be silenced with violence. The fascists will not pass," demanded the collective list of which she was a member in a public statement.

The list was the seventh most voted list in the city of São Paulo in the 2020 municipal elections, with 46,267 votes, and is one of the six PSOL parliamentary mandates in the city council elected in the country’s largest metropolis. The collective mandate is represented, in addition to Carolina Iara, by Silvia Ferraro, Paula Nunes, Dafne Sena and Natália Chaves.

To send messages of support to Caoline Iara and the demand for an immediate and thorough investigation write to portalesquerdaonline@gmail.com.

Source Esquerda Online.


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[1Marielle Franco a black lesbian PSOL city councillor in Rio de Janeiro was shot and killed in 2018. See “Our comrade Marielle Franco murdered”.