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The Supreme Court decision is a victory of the rule of law

Monday 5 November 2018, by Awami Workers’ Party

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* Blasphemy laws must be reexamined

* Most courageous decision by top judges in favour of most exploited

* AWP welcomes decision of the Supreme Court

Awami Workers Party salute the courageous decision of the Supreme Court to acquit Asia Bibi from false blasphemy charges. Awami Workers Party Spokesperson Farooq Tariq said in a press statement that the judges have taken care of all aspects of the case and found Asia Bibi not guilty based on the circumstances and evidences.

“The is a victory of the rule of law. This decision has given some hope to the religious minorities of Pakistan that they can also have some justice despite the growing wave of religious fundamentalism” he said.

Farooq Tariq said that blasphemy laws must be reexamined to check the anomalies that are used to seek revenge from opponents or to promote religious extremism.

Farooq Tariq congratulated the two lawyers late Choudry Naeem Shakir and Saif ul Malouk to contest the case successfully to get a poor Christian women released from her 9 years ordeal.

Some justice has been done to her finally. This is one of most courageous decision of the top court of Pakistan in favour of the most exploited section of Pakistan.